CEO Speech

Hello !

We have a dream to be the global leading company, who is aiming human and better future, realizing customers' value and dream, constructing stake-holders' better future (Parteck Dream).

Customers, partners, local society, staffs, share-holders all need to be growing together. Based on the mutual trust, we are communicating with customers and partners, in realizing customers' values and dreams. As it is, all the staff in Parteck Corp. enjoy working with responsibility and ownership mind (Parteck People).

We are aiming to jump up to the global leading company, realizing Change-Challenge-Chance by R&D performance and reinforcing new business development. We are the company who is willing to contribute to human being, having a leading role for global chemical infrastructure, energy and environment markets (Parteck Change-Challenge-Chance).

Best regards,

Parteck Corp. CEO Mr. KS Park Jan. 1, 2021

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