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We are under transforming, as of January 1st of 2020, to Global Chemical Energy Environment Company, Parteck Corp. who is perfporming R&D and Manufacturing on top of General Chemical Trading.

The Parteck, The Next

Under vision of "The Parteck we are the future", via everlasting R&D and endeavours today we are preparing for the prosperous future.

Stay Ahead, Stay Hungry

" Never lose focus, but agilely proceed over the fast market change", we are growing for 100 years as young & agile company.

Sustainable Growth, Happiness of Stake-Holders

As it is not the company's purpose for merely pursuit of profit, " Sustainable Growth, Happiness of Stake-Holders" will be the mission of ours.


Based on "Chemical-Energy-Environment" business, we develope the local market and overseas market aggressively.

Market Intelligence, Double Bottom Line

With the insight on the target market intelligence, we concern both lines of Operating Income and Shared Social Value lines.

FY 2025 SR 200Bill. Won, OI 10%, EBITDA 15%

We target FY 2025 figures " SR 200 Bil. Won, O.I 10%, EBITDA 15% " as a listed middle market enterprise. (cf. SR 61.4 Bil. Won & Op. Income 6% in 2020)

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